Lloyd Mogotsi is a practicing attorney of 24 years and counting. He specializes in the area of corporate and commercial law and he is also a notary public.

He holds a B. Proc and LLB degrees from the University of the Witwatersrand. As well as an MSc in Finance and Law from the University of London.

He has a long-standing background of involvement in adjudication, mediation and arbitration roles with various organizations, which operate in diverse fields.

Between 2005 and 2008 he managed the TORPS Programme under the auspices of the then Gauteng Department of Housing. The Programme was set up to transfer residential properties to previously disadvantaged persons in Black Townships around Gauteng. His role was to manage adjudicators, which entailed scheduling hearings for adjudication of disputes, ensuring the prompt attendance of adjudicators, standing in for adjudicators in their absence, hearing appeals from adjudication proceedings.

From around 2010 he was appointed as an independent adjudicator by the then Gauteng Department of Public Transport, Roads and Works (DPTRW). The appointment still stands to date. His role is to adjudicate disputes between the DPTRW and contractors who were awarded contracts by the DPTRW and to make binding awards.

He sits on the National Soccer League Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC), which hears and adjudicates disputes between players and clubs, officials and clubs, disputes between clubs etc, and has now been serving on the DRC in excess of ten years.

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