Non delivery of The Star is a very common complaint, especially in remote areas. There are also complainants that feel that the standard of The Star has deteriorated in the past few months, from the crossword/comic section to constant spelling and grammatical errors. The Star is the most complained about publication with 30 total complaints. Such complaints ranging from incorrect statistical information, misleading news; in that complainants feel that journalists incorrectly report the news. Obviously this is all circumstantial, but it must be looked into.

No complaints throughout the complaints period (October 2016 – June 2017)

No complaints throughout the complaints period (October 2016 – June 2017)

Since October 2016 to date there has only been one complaint relating to fake news. A journalist used a photo of steam and linked the photograph to an article about sever pollution.

Only one complaint throughout the complaint period relating to non-delivery.

Along with The Star, IOL website is one of the most complained about publications. Total complaints are 15 since October 2016. The most common type of complaint relates to spelling and grammatical errors on the website. This is something that must be averted as the general tone of complainants is that they will stop visiting IOL if the grammatical errors occur. Secondly, the other type of common complaint relates to outdated news; either a complainant was an alleged perpetrator who has since been acquitted and wishes to have an article removed, or generally the news is simply outdated. There has been one complaint or a picture of male genitals, and this is some graphic content that should not have slipped onto this platform, over 5 people complained about this one incident.

There are no complaints about this publication. From October 2016 to date.

Since April 2017, there has only been one complaint about this publication and it relates solely to non-delivery of the publication. It must be noted that this is not a common complaint for this publication.

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