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Dennis Pather is a writer and columnist and retired editor of several newspaper titles in the Independent Group.
After studying at the University College at Salisbury Island (later the University of Durban-Westville), his career in journalism began in 1967 as a reporter on Post and Drum magazine and later with The Leader and The Graphic.
He joined the Argus Group of newspapers as a journalist on the Daily News and went on to serve as editor of that newspaper as well as The Mercury, the Independent on Saturday and Post and was deputy editor of the Sunday Tribune when he retired in 2010.
He studied journalism at the International Institute of Journalism in Berlin and as a former Nieman Fellow; he spent a year's sabbatical at Harvard University in the United States in 1987/88.
Based in Durban, he is married to Kay and they have two children, Brendan Pather and Nisha Pather-Olofsson.

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