Total Complaints: 9 There are total of 9 complains since October 2017 to June 2017. These complaints related to misquoting and misgendering transgender people, poor and illegible printing of lottery numbers and even the rest of the publication, quoting the wrong person as the owner of a hotel (not good investigative journalism), bias inaccurate news (this is relative of course) and incorrect of false facts reported.

Total Complaints: 8 Cape Times has a record of 8 complaints since October 2016 until June 2017, one of which is the first to have escalated to The Office of The Group Ombud. Most of these complaints relate to an alleged smear campaign by a specific journalist, poor use of English, a winner of a competition not being published on the anticipated date, defamation relating to false accusations by a reporter, racist remarks (complainant approached the SAHRC, who then referred her to us), spelling and grammatical errors,

Total Complaints: 6 Has a total of 6 complaints which relate to; failure on editors part by overlooking pertinent community issues, Bad use of grammar and vocabulary, photo of burning artwork at UCT Res, said to incite anarchy and a complaint about Islamophobia, which a complainant was offended by an article.

Total Complaints: 3 With only 3 complaints, complainants have expressed that the Weekend Argus has lost its reputation, and that it's a former shadow of it's glorious self. Reporting in a bias manner, and not focussing on important, pressing matters that are in the interest of the public. And lastly, defamation.

Total complaints: 1 Only one complaint in the whole complaint period relating to a compliant feeling offended that their pastor was labelled a bogus pastor.

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