A POST-MAN for 42 years, Brijlall Ramguthee joined the then Golden City Post on April 1, 1969, after a three-year stint at the Durban-based weekly, The Leader, from 1965 to 1968. At the GCP, he covered all beats, and when proprietor Jim Bailey sold his stable to the Argus Printing and Publishing Company in November 1971, Brij (as he came to be known) continued in that vein, and when the Irish-based Independent News and Media took over some years later, as the new owners of what became known as POST, the Voice and Heart of the Community, he moved up the ranks.

From a news and sports reporter to doubling up as news and sports editor, he also served as acting editor for a year, before being appointed editor of POST in January 1989, a position he held for 21 years on the trot, until his official retirement at age 65 in October 2010. He thereafter served as POST’s consulting editor for six months, until April 2011, clocking 42 years in the process.

Not one to watch the world go by, Brij, 71 not out, a Fellow of the Thompson Foundation and a national SAB Sports Merit Award winner, is currently a freelance copy editor, serves on a few community organisations, and is an irregular golfer with a ballooning handicap. He is married to Geeta and they have three marred children and five grandchildren.

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