What Can You Expect From Us?

We are a trusted and highly regarded global law firm specialising in corporate law services.

We are a trusted and highly regarded global law firm specialising in corporate law services. We were first established in London in 1913, and have continued to grow and adapt every year since, now with six offices located around the world.

Our Lawyers

Our lawyers and staff are the best in the industry. We are highly qualified, experienced and trained regularly to ensure that we offer the best services to our clients. We advise clients on a wide range of corporate issues and commercial dealings both at national and international levels.

Our Clients

Our clients are among the biggest and most ambitious global companies in the world. They operate in various industries and trust us to handle their most significant dealings, projects and disputes. They expect high quality service and the best possible results, and know that we deliver every time.

Our Areas of Expertise:

  • Commercial contracts
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Intellectual property

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